Well, Saturday saw the kick off of 2018 Arizona AFL Summer series at Tempe Sports Complex. The Tempe Devils took on the Tombstone Marshalls in the sweltering 100 blazing sun which proved too much for the Tempe Devils as they rain out of stamina in the 4th quarter and the Marshalls ran over them in the final quarter.

The Marshalls played like a well-oiled machine with Joey and Rylee Luto weaving the ball through the center of the ground like one of Kico’s island baskets. Eric “The Wall” West of the Devils did his best to provide stop everything the Marshalls threw at him but it was the unlikely surprise of David “Donga” Pack who for the first time in years left the goal square and provided options for the players in the center. Going on to kick multiple goals throughout the game big things are now expected of Donga throughout the Summer Series.

With players missing due to family vacation the Devils were left with defender Morgan Lee to play full forward who managed to kick one goal but would have gone on to kick a bag full if he hadn’t of covered his hands in butter before the game. The heat really got to both sides in the fourth quarter and provided fullback, Matthew Lambert, the perfect opportunity to take a run from fullback up the center of the ground and load up from 45m out to send the ball sailing through the middle for 6.

Come out and join for skills training this Thursday (June 7th) night from 8 PM at Benedict Sports Complex and for Round 2 of the Arizona AFL Summer Series at 10 AM at Tempe Sports Complex.

View the entire Summer Series Schedule here for all upcoming games and training sessions.

Team Goals Total
Tombstone Marshalls 13 84
Tempe Devils 9 54

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