With the sun beating down and the mercury rising above 105 before the game had kicked off at 10:30 AM the Tempe Devils and Tombstone Marshalls were set to sweat it out as they went head to head for the second week in a row. With shortened quarters and extended breaks, the teams made the best of the conditions with the Devils breaking out to a 3 goal lead at halftime.

Robbie Luto had to be reminded of what team he was playing for as he took out fellow teammate AJ Koernig as he made a run through the center of the ground. With the absence of Ronnie Luto who was busy chasing volcanoes in Hawaii, Rob Luto finally took his moment to step up and control the game through the center of the ground.

John King made his return to the Arizona AFL this week with multiple goals, one banana kick along the ground for the sideline at 25 out which is in contention for goal of the series.

An impromptu round or two of beers on Friday night at local sponsor bar, The Tilted Kilt Tempe saw the return of John Hogan of the Rob Dollar Foundation after a 6-year hiatus from footy. John played well for someone who hadn’t played in 6 years and was nursing a headache but was shut down by rival Javier Lopez in the fourth quarter.

Ultimately it was the Marshalls who faced a 2 goal deficit at the beginning of the 4th quarter but came back to win the game by 2 goals in the final minutes of the game!

Team Goals Total
Tombstone Marshalls 8 48
Tempe Devils 6 36

Earlier in the year, we were fortunate enough to have three girls from the New York Magpies come out to Arizona to play with our women’s team in the Rob Dollar Cup. We were fortunate enough to have that invite returned to our women and were able to send Andrea Placencio to Montreal to play for the New York Magpies in the “Women’s Best in the East, in Montreal”. The Magpies played against Boston, Montreal and Toronto and finished 2nd on the day in a close game with Toronto in the grand final! A huge congratulations to the New York Magpies women’s team and to our girl Drea!

Come join us at training this Thursday at Benedict Sports Complex, Tempe from 8 PM and for Round 3 of the Arizona AFL Summer Series at Tempe Sports Complex on Saturday! All players new and old are welcomed and encouraged to join!

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